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Daml Developer Monthly – May 2021

What’s New We raised $120m in Series D funding to further our goal of turning disparate silos into synchronized systems and Xpansiv has chosen Daml to scale their new ESG (Environment, Social, and corporate Governance) platform for global commodity markets! We want feedback on our new Daml Script Exports feature, check out the docs here,

Daml Developer Monthly – April 2021

What’s New The anniversary of Daml’s open sourcing (“Daml Day”) was just a few days ago so happy Daml Day to our programmers, users, engineers, and all the wonderful folk that make Daml great! Every quarter we make sure to recognize those users who went above and beyond in making Daml great; and we’ve just

Implementation of a Daml Solution for Optimizing Clinical Trials

Conducting clinical trials is a time consuming and costly process that brings along unique and intrinsic challenges. In a recent blog post, Lakshmi Shastry, Principal Solutions Architect at Brillio, talked about the challenges around the clinical trial process and highlighted the different ways multi-party workflow technology, including key components of Brillio’s solution with Daml, can

Accepting Smart Contract Rollouts

Smart contracts offer a unique way to solve business problems but also present a unique challenge when it comes to managing the rollout of new and updated smart contract based applications. The ‘Accept-Then-Publish’ approach described below is a way to manage this complexity. The motivation for this approach is to allow smart contract application publishers

Daml Developer Monthly – March 2021

What’s New Our forum turned 1 year old last week! Thanks to the efforts of all our members we had 731 problems solved, 1,100 topics, 5,000 posts, and 258,000 views! It’s incredible to think that a community forum we only fully launched last May has garnered a community of over 400 people. Want to skip reading

Identity in Daml

In this post we will show that Daml’s identity model is able to provide the same degree of security as systems built on a user experience that focuses almost exclusively on cryptographic identity while also providing a superior user experience and better flexibility in terms of deployment options: Decentralized – Entities can run ledger nodes,

E2E Property Rentals Written in Daml

Improving renting Renting a property is still quite a manual and cumbersome process because different actors have different views of it and can’t fully trust each other, so paperwork is put in place to mitigate risks. If we were able to solve these paperwork issues, we could apply the same approach to not only rentals

Daml Developer Monthly – February 2021

What’s New Diversity is an important initiative at Digital Asset as we work to increase both our own diversity and that of the sectors we work in. As part of that initiative we are holding a virtual panel discussion where some of our top women leaders will be discussing how they got to where they

Daml Developer Monthly – January 2021

What’s New The results of the third community recognition ceremony are in. Congratulations to Emil and Matt for winning and thank you both for your excellent contributions to our community. Daml’s default branch name is changing from master to main to have more inclusive naming. Read more about the steps and the reasoning behind it here. Happy 5 year anniversary to Hyperledger!  We’re proud

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