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What can you model with DAML?

What can you model with DAML?
  • Financial Services

    Model the full lifecycle of financial assets, not just change of ownership.

  • Healthcare

    Model processes across patients, providers, and payers.

  • Supply Chain

    Model the chain of provenance from manufacture to sale of goods.

  • Any Workflow

    Model any complex, hierarchical multi-party workflow in any business domain.

Request the DAML PasaS & SDK (Developer Preview)

What is DAML?

A succinct, uniquely powerful contract modeling language built specifically for distributed ledgers that unambiguously codifies complex, real-life, multi-party agreements.

Unprecedented analyzability, along with strictly deterministic execution, allows for the development of highly reliable systems with predictable behavior.

Working with just a few developers, scalable, secure solutions can be built directly by the people who actually understand the business.

Client View

ABN Amro’s Explore Lab and Digital Asset team up for a two day Develop Camp to show developers how easy it is to code smart contracts with DAML.

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Developer Friendly

DAML has built-in features to enable developers to focus on the logic of the application.

Development-time feedback catches errors and describes the full behavior of contracts when run on the ledger, supporting the programmer in ensuring the code matches the business intent.

  • Precise, functional language for writing safe contracts

  • Strong type system tailored for enterprise agreements

  • Model rights and obligations rather than the movement of tokens

  • Built-in support to validate model correctness during development

  • Abstracts away ledger details so you can focus on contract logic


An integrated suite of tools designed to accelerate the development of DAML applications for the DA Platform

  • The DAML IDE provides real-time feedback to support efficient development of correct smart contracts.

  • Integrated scenario testing allows developers to see the impact of the agreement on the ledger immediately.

  • The DAML SDK includes a dynamic front-end that automatically generates simple GUIs for DAML models.

Partner View


Accenture has built out a Center of Excellence for Blockchain and DAML to assist with application development and integration worldwide.

Partner View

Accenture has built out a Center of Excellence for Blockchain and DAML to assist with application development and integration worldwide.

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