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We Have Raised $120m to Tackle the Heart of the Problem

Today, we announced that we have raised a $120 million Series D. If you’re already familiar with Digital Asset, you probably know us as being one of the leading companies in the category known as “enterprise blockchain”, particularly for the high profile projects with major stock exchanges. For those of you following us over the

Digital Asset Shapes Future of Interoperable Applications

With a growing customer base and partner ecosystem, 2020 was a banner year for Digital Asset; our customer base tripled and our partner ecosystem doubled in size.  Daml is an open source smart contract language used by developers to write and deploy full-stack, distributed applications for DLT, blockchain, or databases in days. It is purpose-built

Unbounded tech stacks with Daml

When you create an application you can be reasonably assured that the program starts and stops at its runtime with fairly flexible interfaces for data persistence such as relational SQL, document stores, key value stores, time series dbs, etc. So it comes as quite a shock to people when they write smart contracts and find that they’re …

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