Release of Daml SDK 0.13.33

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  • Fixed regression in Navigator to properly respect the CLI option --ledger-api-inbound-message-size-max again. See issue #3301.

Daml Compiler

  • Reduce the memory footprint of the IDE and the command line tools (ca. 18% in our experiments).
  • Fix compile error caused by instantiating generic templates at Numeric n.
  • The compiler now accepts single-constructor enum types. For example data A = A or data Foo = Bar.

Daml Triggers

  • Add dedupCreate and dedupExercise helpers that will only send commands if they are not already in flight.
  • Remove the custom AbsoluteContractId type in favor of the regular ContractId type used in Daml templates.


  • Fixed a bug a database migration script for Sandbox on Postgres introduced in SDK 0.13.32. See issue #3284.
  • Timing about database operations are now exposed over JMX as well as via the logs.
  • Added a missing index to the SQL schema for the Postgres Ledger.

Daml Integration Kit

  • Re-add :doc:integration kit documentation </daml-integration-kit/index> that got accidentally deleted.

Ledger API

Daml Stdlib

  • Add DA.TextMap.filter and DA.Next.Map.filter.
  • Add assertEq and assertNotEq to DA.Assert as synonyms for === and =/=.
  • Add DA.Foldable.mapA_DA.Foldable.forA_DA.Foldable.sequence_ and DA.Action.replicateA_. These functions match the behavior of corresponding functions without the underscore suffix but ignore the result which can be more convenient and efficient.

Extractor - Experimental

  • Extractor now stores exercise events in the single table data format. See issue #3274.

JSON API - Experimental

  • workflowId no longer included in any responses.
  • /contracts/search endpoint can optionally store searched contracts in a Postgres-based cache, by passing the new --query-store-jdbc-config option. See issue #2781.

Daml SDK

  • Display release notes in the IDE when the Daml extension is upgraded.

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