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Supply Chain

Product Overview

The Supply Chain application demonstrates a generic example between a Buyer, Seller, Supplier, two Warehouses, and two independent Transport Companies. Buyer requests a trade quote from Seller for the price and delivery date for a quantity of goods. Seller notifies Supplier, and Supplier starts the quote collection process by selecting Warehouses to fulfill the product order request. The application shows the benefits of an automated algorithm optimized for best price to calculate and finalize delivery. The algorithm computes quantities to be delivered from the Warehouses and calculates the amount of goods Transport Company needs to deliver from the Warehouses. Seller can review the quote details (quantity of goods, place of shipment, transport company, price) and can add margin to the price before sending it to Buyer. Transport companies pick up product from Warehouses. When a successful delivery is acknowledged by Buyer, an automated payment obligation is created between Buyer and Seller for the amount of goods delivered. If goods are arriving separately, then partial delivery and partial payment occurs.


  • Role-based visibility into the Supply Chain process
  • Automated, algorithm-based calculation optimized for best price regarding delivery of product and choosing transport
  • Inventory management and capacity locking for orders
  • Partial payment based on actual quantity of goods delivered

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