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Supply Chain Contracts and Transactions

Product Overview

This supply-chain application solves a key pain point for a manufacturer and its clients by providing demand-supply matching that allows the supply chain to respond to fluctuating demand levels. The solution allows a CPG firm to place an order with a factory (their own or a third party’s) based on current inventory and forecasted demand. The factory then notifies the firm when production is complete and when it ships the inventory through third-party distributors to the designated set of locations or warehouses. The CPG firm and its third-party distributors can each track delivery information, and if required, renegotiate and update the delivery information in real-time to match changing demand at retailers or other locations. This solution can be tailored for multiple industry sectors.


  • On-board ecosystem partners (CPG firm, Manufacturer, Suppliers)
  • Daml based multi-party workflow management
  • Allow creation of digital contracts between manufacturer and CPG firm
  • Use valid Daml contracts to submit supply-chain transaction such as PO, SO, GRN etc.
  • Allow for document storage and retrieval to optimize current operational overhead
  • Track and trace transactions and shipment status


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