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Real Time Analytics and Integration of Blockchain Data

Product Overview

Daml applications now can leverage real time analytics and business intelligence. With more business processes moving to the blockchain, one of the most obvious and common adoption hurdles is the required use of aggregated data for analytics and business intelligence. Creating offline data-silos by duplicating the ledger data would go against the principal of golden source data that Daml driven applications enable. Enriching the data with other sources in such a scenario is also problematic without sacrificing the integrity of the blockchain data. Moreover, enterprises need fast, in-the-moment analytics if we are to make decisions on the emerging digitally connected marketplace. This high speed analytic requirement also applies for detecting fraudulent transactions – all without sacrificing customer experience. This reference application illustrates how high performance analytics and business intelligence capability can be provided to Daml driven applications. It keeps the data in-sync with the changes happening on the blockchain in real time, so that the need for replication and reconciliation is eliminated.


  • Uses industry standard Actian Data Connect to integrate and transform the Daml contracts to data that can be used for Business Intelligence and analytics
  • Provides in-the-moment analytics with the industry’s fastest analytic database engine (Vector) – Data Connect can connect to any other DB technology as well
  • Leverages Daml’s ledger independence by working with the Daml layer instead of hardcoding the integration with a specific ledger
  • Provides universal connectivity with hundreds of pre-built connectors – these can be used for data enrichment in Vector as needed
  • Cloud, on Hadoop or on-premise ready
  • Visual modeler to define data management process

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