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Mortgage Origination and Securitization

Product Overview

End to end mortgage process on Daml – setting up a network, onboarding of participants, mortgage origination, underwriting, pooling, securitization and repacking. Enhanced Security – The solution also provides a unique innovation where documents are split and stored on multiple nodes using IPFS Leveraging Blockchain’s goodness – Blockchain transforms many activities in securitization life cycle by lowering risk in the securitization market, leading to greater investor interest. Daml guarantees ledger integrity, preserves privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information, at the same time provides transparency of the ledger, empowering participants to validate their overall position at any moment in time with absolute certainty.


  • Mortgage Origination
  • Pooling and Securitization
  • Underwriting Rules
  • Decentralized secure storage of artefacts using IPFS
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Cloud Scale and Availability


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