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isRobo (Intelligent Scenario Robot)

Product Overview

Magic isRobo is a Daml scenario generator that uses Artificial Intelligence to ensure test coverage for smart contracts written in Daml. The AI engine parses the Daml code and automatically generates Daml scenario scripts for positive and negative scenarios (test conditions). It can create all critical scenarios, including Daml contract submission verification, boundary conditions for parameters, and access validations. isRobo also creates a script to run the auto-generated Daml scenarios, either on demand or on a schedule. The automatically generated Daml test scenarios provide better coverage than is possible with manually created scenarios. The solution uses Bots to generate multiple combinations that would be difficult to create manually, with potential result savings of about 60% compared to manual testing.


  • Automatic generation of test scenarios for Daml modules
  • Savings of about 60% of manual effort
  • Bot-generated and standardized scenarios to increase accuracy and coverage
  • Execution-script-enabled to ensure seamless scenario execution

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