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IPFS-Daml Integration

Product Overview

Most Daml applications will need to use documents that will be uploaded by collaborating parties and customers. The security of those documents can be improved by combining the power of Daml with IPFS — the Interplanetary File System — created by Protocol Labs. Using this library by Brillio, Daml contracts can now contain the hashes returned by IPFS, ensuring that the documents are stored securely and providing access only to those who need it. Using the gRPC API, when a party accesses a Daml contract, the IPFS hashes are retrieved from the ledger and passed along to IPFS to retrieve and construct the original documents. This provides a complete solution in a variety of use cases such as KYC, trade finance, mortgages, or any industry where Daml multi-party workflows require document sharing between parties.


  • Secure document management solution for any Daml application
  • Daml Integration with IPFS to store and retrieve documents and sensitive data
  • Use of the standard Daml gRPC API so multiple application languages are supported

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