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Gen.Flow Enterprise Integration Engine

Product Overview

Gen.Flow is a Daml-driven integration-engine layer that helps enterprises bridge data silos between multiple applications engaged in a business process. Gen.Flow accelerates the adoption of AI and analytics initiatives because the effort needed to aggregate, clean, and reconcile data from multiple sources is minimized. Gen.Flow has been designed to seamlessly connect your databases and applications using a mutualized business process created in the smart contracts layer so it is easy to adopt without requiring any replatforming of your applications landscape.

Because of its use of Daml, Gen.Flow is persistence-layer agnostic (can run on both blockchains and databases) and is also capable of integrating seamlessly with an external DLT network. So it does not require any new software licensing or application / data deployment models.


  • Seamlessly integrate your workflows with multiple applications and databases
  • Implement, trial, deploy, and manage process-driven workflows based on smart-contract applications.
  • Deploy AI, analytics, and machine learning applications, leveraging the golden source of truth created as your business process executes.
  • Dramatically reduce the IT expenditure on aggregating, cleaning. and reconciling data from multiple sources before it can be used to generate insights.
  • Leverage full-stack automation using Robot API, which enables direct integrations between RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions and smart contract applications.

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