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Fungible Asset-Backed Token

Product Overview

This Daml implementation is based on OpenCrowd’s work with Diamond Standard to create fungible asset tokens that are backed by assets (diamonds). It consists of an underlying master registry of assets (diamonds) and a fungible token (diamond) that uses a set of algorithmically selected assets to ensure the same value. The implementation includes key operational workflows such as registration and verification of assets, creation/minting of fungible tokens, and custody management. Current securitization approaches do not address fungibility and can result in a proliferation of tokenized assets that are difficult to market. Securitization of fungible groups of assets can dramatically reduce operational overheads and increase marketability.


  • Create and operate a verifiable registry of discrete assets
  • Create/mint fungible asset tokens using algorithmically selected baskets of verifiable assets
  • Manage custody of asset tokens
  • Enable collateralization of asset tokens


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