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FlexProcur – Streamlining Procurement

Product Overview

For a business that is driven with agility and innovation, changing business requirements bring instability in resourcing requirements across the entire ecosystem of recruitment agencies, authorized suppliers, contract management companies, and customer themselves. FlexProcur creates a flexible, secure network that allows business to execute transactions and contracts seamlessly in almost real time. The stability and certainty that this bring saves operational expenses, reducing billing leakages by eliminating the need for reconciliation. FlexProcur drives the end-to-end value chain of resource requisition requirements, contract management with different parties, fulfillment, and integration to legacy systems such as HR, Projects, and Accounts Payables, making plug-and-play software on the cloud for the services procurement business. With FlexProcur, authorized suppliers, customers, third party agencies, and other parties within the ecosystem are not obliged to use a “common application.” This also avoids heavy customization to specific requirements and the resulting additional costs and overhead. FlexProcur works on a distributed network, giving each entity flexibility to have their own application and processes running differently than other members in the network.


FlexProcur is built with an end-user experience in mind that is mobile, on-time, flexible, and everywhere. FlexProcur is built on an enterprise stack ready to integrate with legacy systems with connectors to almost all enterprise software in the market.

At a high level, FlexProcur covers up essential functions such as:

  • Use Access and Management
  • Document Management (SOW, MSA etc.)
  • Buyer Functions
  • Supplier Functions
  • Invoicing (Incl. Aggregation) and Integration



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