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DeCredit – Decentralized Lending

Product Overview

The lending process today is not transparent, and it is difficult for a user to trace a loan end-to-end.

DeCredit is a direct lending platform where legal agreements can be established, repayment can be completed, and relevant changes can be updated to a shared ledger in real-time, while maintaining confidentiality as needed.

DeCredit is a Daml-powered decentralized loan lending application backed by digital collaterals in a peer-to-peer network. The borrower in need of money can create a profile on the platform and initiate a loan request by setting one of their digital cryptocurrencies as collateral. DeCredit also supports other types of collateral that reside offline. The lenders can check existing loan requests and, based on the risk assessment, propose the amount and a desired rate of interest. The borrower can then choose from among the various proposals received and select the one that suits their needs.


  • Direct lending between borrowers and lenders
  • Real-time loan transactions
  • Use of cryptocurrency as a collateral
  • End-to-end flow transparency
  • Easier regulatory reporting and compliance

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