Product Overview

This application is applicable across several industries, and demonstrates how DAML and DLT can bring transparency and traceability to cross-party inventory and order management. The application workflow includes making orders to upstream suppliers, manufacturing of the item(s) by supplier(s), and tracking the item(s) with the transport companies as it is moved from the supplier’s inventory to the receiver’s to the final location of the item(s) in the supplier’s warehouse. Entry of orders and status can be from any source — ERP, procurement system, or file upload if the process is offline. The solution starts with a “fungible asset” model for orders and combines it with a “tangible” model for manufactured items. Benefits:


  • Enables more efficient inventory management through transparency and traceability
  • Removes the need for reconciliation between cross-party ERP and PO systems
  • Allows customization to the nuances of the individual supply chain
  • Enables rapid and highly iterative development
  • Includes a flexible API-ready app layer for integrations and a front-end designed in bootstrap and .Net

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