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ClearTH Test Automation

Product Overview

ClearTH is a unique tool from Exactpro that simultaneously executes multiple end-to-end test scenarios. ClearTH easily detects abnormal behavior in the system under test and effectively predicts potential issues. It offers many built-in actions to cover the majority of activities in post-trade systems. Exactpro has integrated ClearTH with Daml to automate testing that validates API execution with the actual data being created on the underlying DLT persistence layer. The out-of-the-box demo sample that comes with this solution uses the ISDA CDM-based reference implementation of a Swaps clearing application that was built with Daml. By combining Daml with the ClearTH battle-hardened software testing tool, the solution provides the next generation test automation of mission-critical post-trade infrastructures built using Daml.


  • Built-in integration of Daml with ClearTH
  • Easily detects abnormal behaviors of a system
  • API-level testing validated with actual data on DLT persistent layer
  • ISDA CDM-based reference Swaps application provided as a demo

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