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CaptureFast Intelligent Document Processing

Product Overview

In almost all business processes, (e.g., lending, supply chain, healthcare, banking KYC)  there is a need to process documents and translate them into data that can be processed in an automated manner. 

CaptureFast captures data on complex documents intelligently and integrates with an associated Daml smart contracts-enabled business process.

Daml can be used to improve business process automation in multi-party workflows, and CaptureFast extracts valuable information stuck in documents and transfers it to Daml processes in minutes without any coding. The integration is seamless so no additional programming is required.


  • Zero development to enable integration with Daml
  • Can be used in SaaS or white-labeled mode
  • Advanced data extraction that bundled tools with other products cannot handle
  • Human verification – optional
  • Image pre-processing

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