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Bond Issuance

Product Overview

Issuing a new bond is currently a highly fragmented process. A Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) approach to bond issuance creates opportunity for Issuers, Auction Agents, CSDs, and Banks to reduce costs, reconciliation efforts, and risks associated with the process. This application demonstrates the powerful modelling properties of Daml throughout the features of of the application: issuing a bond, commissioning a Dutch auction, bidding to an auction, distributing bonds to winning bidders, and finally the redemption of the issued bond at maturity


  • Participants have real time visibility into the process and data stored on the ledger based on their roles and permissions
  • Issuer can create new bond through the CSD
  • Bonds are taken to the market via a Dutch Auction where banks can bid
  • Redemption of bonds at maturity

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