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Blockchain for Contract & Records Management

Product Overview

Data breaches increased more than 400% in 2018, exposing almost 15 billion records, and 88% of companies surveyed feel they are losing control over their data. In addition, there’s been a significant growth of global cross-industry regulation over the past ten years. For the purposes of auditing or litigation, contract professionals need to indisputably show that digital records and the processes that bind them have not been tampered with. Formal Media™ is the world’s first blockchain enabled Digital Workplace, synchronizing the smart contract with enterprise data; providing proof of record, proof of process and proof of identity for multiple parties to a transaction.


  • Tightly integrated with Daml, our solution facilitates a secure, transparent, regulatory compliant and immutable audit trail of synchronized digital data, workflows and signatures.
  • Potentially 70% Return on Investment from cost savings, revenue gaining opportunities and faster transaction processing.
  • Low cost, low risk and fail fast Blockchain as a Service, identity management and data protection backed by a cloud platform with the largest compliance portfolio in the industry


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