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BaaS API for Integration with MS Office 365

Product Overview

This solution integrates a Daml smart contract with an MS Office 365 SharePoint workflow. Large organizations are heavily invested in existing business systems. For quick adoption of innovations and benefits of Daml, they require easy, standard, low-code integrations into their current business systems. This Sphereon API can integrate Daml with both online and on-premise versions of Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Records Management Portal. The solution is underpinned by the Microsoft Azure-based Sphereon Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) APIs for the Factom protocol. It also uses Microsoft Azure Identity Management. Example use case: A user uploads a contract document into SharePoint, and the solution stores that document in a Daml smart contract on the ledger. When the other signatories provide their consent and signatures on the document in SharePoint, those approvals are synchronized with the Daml smart contract — joined by a reference to the hash and the document URL.


  • Integration with both online and on-premise Microsoft SharePoint
  • Use of Factom, the public enterprise blockchain to store Daml contracts
  • Ready-to-use Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) API

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