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Amistamp Legal – IP Protection

Product Overview

Protect and verify accuracy of data by stamping all types of electronic files to assign a guaranteed timestamp. Files can be validated against the stamped original, identifying if any changes have been made. Amistamp thus provides irrefutable proof of the existence of a stamped file at a specific point in time and to which party it is attributable. Amistamp, when used in common legal workflows across business entities or divisions, can preserve and authenticate electronic evidence. It avoids the increasing problem of falsified or erased electronic evidence. Having evidence about when your digital assets were created and that they have not been altered can help prevent misunderstandings, comply with regulations, and enforce agreements.


  • Daml contracts are created for each stamp created for a document
  • Observers can be added or removed from each document
  • Additional information can be attached to the Daml contract to provide enhanced verification scenarios

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