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Supply Chain

The Supply Chain application demonstrates a generic example between a Buyer, Seller, Supplier, two Warehouses, and two independent Transport Companies. Buyer requests a trade quote from Seller for the price and delivery date for a quantity of goods. Seller notifies Supplier, and Supplier starts the quote collection process by selecting Warehouses to fulfill the product

Real Time Analytics and Integration of Blockchain Data

Daml applications now can leverage real time analytics and business intelligence. With more business processes moving to the blockchain, one of the most obvious and common adoption hurdles is the required use of aggregated data for analytics and business intelligence. Creating offline data-silos by duplicating the ledger data would go against the principal of golden

FlexProcur – Streamlining Procurement

For a business that is driven with agility and innovation, changing business requirements bring instability in resourcing requirements across the entire ecosystem of recruitment agencies, authorized suppliers, contract management companies, and customer themselves. FlexProcur creates a flexible, secure network that allows business to execute transactions and contracts seamlessly in almost real time. The stability and

DvP for Supply Chain

This Daml-driven solution allows a trade agreement between buyer and seller on blockchain to become the basis for payment and settlement of invoices for all concerned parties (i.e. buyer, seller, supplier, transporter). The payment gets initiated once product has been delivered in a single DvP (Delivery versus Payment) transaction. Every step in the workflow is

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