Zero Knowledge Proof Authentication

NuID integrates Daml to provide a decentralized authentication solution that eliminates the need for enterprises to store, manage, and protect passwords and other user authentication data. Enterprises that implement NuID’s Daml-based solution eliminate the risk of a credential breach altogether: with nothing to store, there’s nothing to steal! The NuID platform combines Daml with advances in zero knowledge cryptography. The solution runs on a distributed ledger to enable end-users (customers or employees) to prove that they know their authentication secrets without having to reveal them or send them across a network. This creates a “trustless” system, where end-users own their own authentication data and no longer have to trust services to protect it. The solution comes in the form of a lightweight REST API that functions as a thin layer within a larger enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) stack. NuID’s unified protocol for strong authentication is factor-agnostic: it supports passwords, tokens, and biometrics – enabling businesses to reduce security risks and streamline the user experience.

Supply Chain Contracts and Transactions

This supply-chain application solves a key pain point for a manufacturer and its clients by providing demand-supply matching that allows the supply chain to respond to fluctuating demand levels. The solution allows a CPG firm to place an order with a factory (their own or a third party’s) based on current inventory and forecasted demand. The factory then notifies the firm when production is complete and when it ships the inventory through third-party distributors to the designated set of locations or warehouses. The CPG firm and its third-party distributors can each track delivery information, and if required, renegotiate and update the delivery information in real-time to match changing demand at retailers or other locations. This solution can be tailored for multiple industry sectors.


Stampchain allows users to verify the existence, integrity, and ownership of any document in a standardized manner, providing irrefutable and inexpensive proof. The objective is to give institutions the ability to verify the legitimacy of documents through the use of a GDPR-compliant DLT platform. Because each document is verified using a cryptographic hash, blockchain technology can be used to prove a document’s originality and validity. The StampChain Daml platform, deployed within existing legal frameworks and built over sophisticated consensus algorithms, prevents registered information from being manipulated and certifies that official documents are tamper-evident and immutable. Moreover, the decentralized nature of the platform and the advanced cryptographic techniques used make the solution highly secure

Real Time Analytics and Integration of Blockchain Data

Daml applications now can leverage real time analytics and business intelligence. With more business processes moving to the blockchain, one of the most obvious and common adoption hurdles is the required use of aggregated data for analytics and business intelligence. Creating offline data-silos by duplicating the ledger data would go against the principal of golden source data that Daml driven applications enable. Enriching the data with other sources in such a scenario is also problematic without sacrificing the integrity of the blockchain data. Moreover, enterprises need fast, in-the-moment analytics if we are to make decisions on the emerging digitally connected marketplace. This high speed analytic requirement also applies for detecting fraudulent transactions – all without sacrificing customer experience. This reference application illustrates how high performance analytics and business intelligence capability can be provided to Daml driven applications. It keeps the data in-sync with the changes happening on the blockchain in real time, so that the need for replication and reconciliation is eliminated.

Modeler & Integration Framework

The Unibright Blockchain Integration Framework, built to help enterprises to make use of Blockchain Technology, now supports Daml technology. With Daml support, the Unibright framework gives anyone the ability to craft powerful blockchain-based solutions with no coding skills or expensive developers required. With the Unibright Workflow Designer, users can define business integration workflows visually. In the next step, the Unibright Contract Lifecycle Manager transforms the visually defined workflow into Daml at the push of a button. With Daml, the generated smart contracts can work on multiple ledgers and databases automatically. The Unibright Explorer monitors the ongoing business process across all smart contracts and related systems. It helps to present on- and off-chain data on a useful, easy-to-understand dashboard. Finally, the Unibright Connector connects the existing IT landscape with smart contracts, using the set of predefined Smart Adapters. The end goal is for IT teams to be able to integrate DLT/ Blockchain into their existing ERP / IT systems.

isRobo (Intelligent Scenario Robot)

Magic isRobo is a Daml scenario generator that uses Artificial Intelligence to ensure test coverage for smart contracts written in Daml. The AI engine parses the Daml code and automatically generates Daml scenario scripts for positive and negative scenarios (test conditions). It can create all critical scenarios, including Daml contract submission verification, boundary conditions for parameters, and access validations. isRobo also creates a script to run the auto-generated Daml scenarios, either on demand or on a schedule. The automatically generated Daml test scenarios provide better coverage than is possible with manually created scenarios. The solution uses Bots to generate multiple combinations that would be difficult to create manually, with potential result savings of about 60% compared to manual testing.

IPFS-Daml Integration

Most Daml applications will need to use documents that will be uploaded by collaborating parties and customers. The security of those documents can be improved by combining the power of Daml with IPFS — the Interplanetary File System — created by Protocol Labs. Using this library by Brillio, Daml contracts can now contain the hashes returned by IPFS, ensuring that the documents are stored securely and providing access only to those who need it. Using the gRPC API, when a party accesses a Daml contract, the IPFS hashes are retrieved from the ledger and passed along to IPFS to retrieve and construct the original documents. This provides a complete solution in a variety of use cases such as KYC, trade finance, mortgages, or any industry where Daml multi-party workflows require document sharing between parties.

Healthcare Claims Processing

In a typical healthcare encounter today, both the healthcare provider and the patient have limited visibility into how much the patient and the insurance company owe at the time of service. This is because three key components for determining the price of a service – the patient’s insurance policy, the provider network agreement, and the adjudication rules an insurer uses to determine claim payment all reside in siloed data sources. With our Daml solution, both the contracts can be expressed on a single source of truth and the adjudication logic run a priori, effectively creating straight through claims processing.

Forma – Multi-cloud automated Daml deployment

Daml allows clients to build quickly and test their use cases with participants before they invest in a blockchain ledger platform. This means they can focus on the business use case and bring it to market quickly, rather than having to worry about multi-user access, billing, availability, security, and patching. As clients adopt Daml, they need an easy option to configure a cloud deployment of Daml on the cloud platform of their choice. Forma provides that capability for Daml users. Rather than having to host the Daml SDK on the cloud, Forma allows users to create secure and scalable deployments on the cloud of their choice – AWS, GCP, MS Azure and others. It provides a true multi-user environment so that collaboration on the project is easier as well. With Forma, clients can automate ledger or database integrations and quickly set up cloud instances in seconds to design and build their blockchain Daml solution. After the use case has been validated with the network of participants and stakeholders, the right privacy and operational governance model has been defined, then clients can leverage Forma and its integrations with almost every computing layer to deploy the Daml solution on any Daml enabled blockchain ledger or database (as per Daml’s ledger deployment roadmap), decoupled from the cloud providers. The Daml solution can be deployed in a true multi-cloud environment to promote decentralization.

FlexProcur – Streamlining Procurement

For a business that is driven with agility and innovation, changing business requirements bring instability in resourcing requirements across the entire ecosystem of recruitment agencies, authorized suppliers, contract management companies, and customer themselves. FlexProcur creates a flexible, secure network that allows business to execute transactions and contracts seamlessly in almost real time. The stability and certainty that this bring saves operational expenses, reducing billing leakages by eliminating the need for reconciliation. FlexProcur drives the end-to-end value chain of resource requisition requirements, contract management with different parties, fulfillment, and integration to legacy systems such as HR, Projects, and Accounts Payables, making plug-and-play software on the cloud for the services procurement business. With FlexProcur, authorized suppliers, customers, third party agencies, and other parties within the ecosystem are not obliged to use a “common application.” This also avoids heavy customization to specific requirements and the resulting additional costs and overhead. FlexProcur works on a distributed network, giving each entity flexibility to have their own application and processes running differently than other members in the network.