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Zero Knowledge Proof Authentication

NuID integrates Daml to provide a decentralized authentication solution that eliminates the need for enterprises to store, manage, and protect passwords and other user authentication data. Enterprises that implement NuID’s Daml-based solution eliminate the risk of a credential breach altogether: with nothing to store, there’s nothing to steal! The NuID platform combines Daml with advances

Supply Chain Contracts and Transactions

This supply-chain application solves a key pain point for a manufacturer and its clients by providing demand-supply matching that allows the supply chain to respond to fluctuating demand levels. The solution allows a CPG firm to place an order with a factory (their own or a third party’s) based on current inventory and forecasted demand.


Stampchain allows users to verify the existence, integrity, and ownership of any document in a standardized manner, providing irrefutable and inexpensive proof. The objective is to give institutions the ability to verify the legitimacy of documents through the use of a GDPR-compliant DLT platform. Because each document is verified using a cryptographic hash, blockchain technology

Real Time Analytics and Integration of Blockchain Data

Daml applications now can leverage real time analytics and business intelligence. With more business processes moving to the blockchain, one of the most obvious and common adoption hurdles is the required use of aggregated data for analytics and business intelligence. Creating offline data-silos by duplicating the ledger data would go against the principal of golden

Modeler & Integration Framework

The Unibright Blockchain Integration Framework, built to help enterprises to make use of Blockchain Technology, now supports Daml technology. With Daml support, the Unibright framework gives anyone the ability to craft powerful blockchain-based solutions with no coding skills or expensive developers required. With the Unibright Workflow Designer, users can define business integration workflows visually. In

isRobo (Intelligent Scenario Robot)

Magic isRobo is a Daml scenario generator that uses Artificial Intelligence to ensure test coverage for smart contracts written in Daml. The AI engine parses the Daml code and automatically generates Daml scenario scripts for positive and negative scenarios (test conditions). It can create all critical scenarios, including Daml contract submission verification, boundary conditions for

IPFS-Daml Integration

Most Daml applications will need to use documents that will be uploaded by collaborating parties and customers. The security of those documents can be improved by combining the power of Daml with IPFS — the Interplanetary File System — created by Protocol Labs. Using this library by Brillio, Daml contracts can now contain the hashes

Healthcare Claims Processing

In a typical healthcare encounter today, both the healthcare provider and the patient have limited visibility into how much the patient and the insurance company owe at the time of service. This is because three key components for determining the price of a service – the patient’s insurance policy, the provider network agreement, and the

FlexProcur – Streamlining Procurement

For a business that is driven with agility and innovation, changing business requirements bring instability in resourcing requirements across the entire ecosystem of recruitment agencies, authorized suppliers, contract management companies, and customer themselves. FlexProcur creates a flexible, secure network that allows business to execute transactions and contracts seamlessly in almost real time. The stability and

Catalyst Blockchain Platform

Move your blockchain networks into production within days, not months. The Catalyst Blockchain Platform allows you to utilize unprecedented decentralized network governance and management, deploy Daml workflows and smart contracts on Hyperledger Fabric or Corda with one click, and automate your network setup and maintenance through an intuitive management console. The well-designed, intuitive user interface

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