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Build full-stack Hyperledger Fabric based applications with Daml Connect in days.

Daml Connect allows you to build a Hyperledger Fabric application in days. This is done by abstracting away the underlying full-stack ledger and by using the Daml smart-contract language, a purpose-built Domain Specific Language (DSL) designed to encode the shared business logic of the application.

daml connect tooling

Daml provides a single coherent stack of APIs, components, and libraries that covers the entire integration space all the way to and including UIs. Within that stack are several stable and broadly supported APIs that allow you to branch off into your preferred language or frameworks with ease.

Daml Connect’s stack is using the most broadly accessible technologies, standards, or frameworks fit for their respective purpose: gRPC for high performance streaming, HTTP/JSON/WebSockets for high-level APIs, Java and JavaScript/TypeScript for custom integrations, React.js for UIs.

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