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Identifying the Right Technology for Your Multiparty Business Processes

Blockchain Technology Partners offers infrastructure choices for distributed, multiparty workflows. In this guest blog, Csilla Zsigri, VP, Marketing and Strategy at Blockchain Technology Partners explains the suitability of the various technology options. Identifying the right technology for digitizing processes that involve multiple parties within and across organizations, has plagued businesses for decades. Information technology and

Release of Daml Connect 1.12.0

Daml Connect 1.12.0 has been released on Wednesday April 14th. You can install it using: Want to know what’s happening more broadly among Daml developers? Check out the latest Daml Developer Monthly. Summary Daml projects can now depend on packages deployed to the target ledger. The Daml StdLib contains a new module DA.List.BuiltinOrder, which provides

Daml Developer Monthly – April 2021

What’s New The anniversary of Daml’s open sourcing (“Daml Day”) was just a few days ago so happy Daml Day to our programmers, users, engineers, and all the wonderful folk that make Daml great! Every quarter we make sure to recognize those users who went above and beyond in making Daml great; and we’ve just

Tackling Counterfeit Drugs in the Global Pharma Supply Chain

Global sales for counterfeit drugs cost businesses billions of dollars per year. Drug counterfeiting affects human lives, business reputation, and return on investment for the entire pharmaceutical industry. According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that up to 30% of pharmaceutical products sold in emerging markets are counterfeit, and about 1 million people

Release of Daml Connect 1.11.1

Daml Connect 1.11.1 has been released to fix a few bugs, namely: An issue with the JSON API’s websocket heartbeating, which was causing trouble for some using this functionality. Ledger Pruning was supposed to become a generally available feature with 1.11.0, but we missed to update the documentation to that effect and didn’t include it

Implementation of a Daml Solution for Optimizing Clinical Trials

Conducting clinical trials is a time consuming and costly process that brings along unique and intrinsic challenges. In a recent blog post, Lakshmi Shastry, Principal Solutions Architect at Brillio, talked about the challenges around the clinical trial process and highlighted the different ways multi-party workflow technology, including key components of Brillio’s solution with Daml, can

Components of a Successful Blockchain Project Part II: Fabric, Daml, and Catalyst

In our last blog post, Components of a Successful Blockchain Project Part 1, we discussed how Daml, Cord and Catalyst provide greater efficiency and technological innovation to financial services organizations. To continue the discussion, Robert van Donge from IntellectEU explains how Hyperledger Fabric, Daml, and Catalyst offer another route for businesses seeking a solution for

Accepting Smart Contract Rollouts

Smart contracts offer a unique way to solve business problems but also present a unique challenge when it comes to managing the rollout of new and updated smart contract based applications. The ‘Accept-Then-Publish’ approach described below is a way to manage this complexity. The motivation for this approach is to allow smart contract application publishers

How to Streamline and Accelerate Clinical Trials

Conducting clinical trials is a time consuming, expensive affair that involves close collaboration between multiple stakeholders (parties), often geographically distributed, and one that needs a high level of monitoring, regulation, and precision to maintain patient privacy and auditability. In this two-part blog series, Lakshmi Shastry, Principal Solutions Architect at Brillio, explains the challenges around clinical

Release of Daml Connect 1.11.0

Daml Connect 1.11.0 has been released on Wednesday March 10th. You can install it using: daml install latest Want to know what’s happening in our developer community? Check out the latest update for this month. Highlight Daml Ledger API 1.10 with Daml-LF 1.12 is now stable, significantly reducing the size of Daml transactions. Daml-LF 1.11

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