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How to Optimize the Complex Workflows Across the Insurance Value Chain with Daml and Blockchain

As the insurance industry continues through this period of radical change, the path towards digitization can be challenging with numerous options spanning AI, blockchain, IoT, smart contracts and more. In this guest blog, Rajesh Dhuddu, Head of Blockchain Competency, Tech Mahindra, explains some of the challenges and how blockchain with Daml smart contracts can alleviate

Release of Daml Connect 1.13.0

Note: There is a performance regression in the Daml Driver for Postgres in this release. We are working on a patch and will release it soon. Please hold off upgrading until then. Daml Connect 1.13.0 has been marked stable on Wednesday May 12th. You can install it using: Want to know what’s happening more broadly

Daml Developer Monthly – May 2021

What’s New We raised $120m in Series D funding to further our goal of turning disparate silos into synchronized systems and Xpansiv has chosen Daml to scale their new ESG (Environment, Social, and corporate Governance) platform for global commodity markets! We want feedback on our new Daml Script Exports feature, check out the docs here,

We Have Raised $120m to Tackle the Heart of the Problem

Today, we announced that we have raised a $120 million Series D. If you’re already familiar with Digital Asset, you probably know us as being one of the leading companies in the category known as “enterprise blockchain”, particularly for the high profile projects with major stock exchanges. For those of you following us over the

Identifying the Right Technology for Your Multiparty Business Processes

Blockchain Technology Partners offers infrastructure choices for distributed, multiparty workflows. In this guest blog, Csilla Zsigri, VP, Marketing and Strategy at Blockchain Technology Partners explains the suitability of the various technology options. Identifying the right technology for digitizing processes that involve multiple parties within and across organizations, has plagued businesses for decades. Information technology and

Release of Daml Connect 1.12.0

Daml Connect 1.12.0 has been released on Wednesday April 14th. You can install it using: Want to know what’s happening more broadly among Daml developers? Check out the latest Daml Developer Monthly. Summary Daml projects can now depend on packages deployed to the target ledger. The Daml StdLib contains a new module DA.List.BuiltinOrder, which provides

Daml Developer Monthly – April 2021

What’s New The anniversary of Daml’s open sourcing (“Daml Day”) was just a few days ago so happy Daml Day to our programmers, users, engineers, and all the wonderful folk that make Daml great! Every quarter we make sure to recognize those users who went above and beyond in making Daml great; and we’ve just

Tackling Counterfeit Drugs in the Global Pharma Supply Chain

Global sales for counterfeit drugs cost businesses billions of dollars per year. Drug counterfeiting affects human lives, business reputation, and return on investment for the entire pharmaceutical industry. According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that up to 30% of pharmaceutical products sold in emerging markets are counterfeit, and about 1 million people

Release of Daml Connect 1.11.1

Daml Connect 1.11.1 has been released to fix a few bugs, namely: An issue with the JSON API’s websocket heartbeating, which was causing trouble for some using this functionality. Ledger Pruning was supposed to become a generally available feature with 1.11.0, but we missed to update the documentation to that effect and didn’t include it

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