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Unlock the Power of Your Existing Infrastructure

This blog is the second of a three part series focusing on the power of DAML and distributed ledger technology. In “Unlock the Power of Developer Productivity”, we highlighted how smart contract adoption is hindered by lock-in at the infrastructure level, i.e., developers are tasked with writing decentralized applications against new technology that may change as

VMware Blockchain with DAML is Now Available

Deploy mission-critical decentralized applications across an enterprise-grade blockchain platform trusted by the world’s largest organizations Today, our technology partner VMware announced commercial availability of VMware Blockchain 1.0! Digital Asset and VMware have been working closely together for over two years to create a deep integration between VMware Blockchain and DAML smart contracts. To coincide with their release,

Unlock Developer Productivity Without Getting Locked-in

This blog is the first of a three part series focusing on the power of DAML and distributed ledger technology. Decentralized applications and distributed ledger technology (DLT) are increasing in adoption as more businesses aim to automate operational inefficiencies and leverage resources for revenue-generating activities. Smart contracts are a great tool to support decentralized workflows and simplify

How to reduce the administrative burden for your KYC process with DLT and DAML (with free e-book)

All financial institutions are required to perform “know your customer” (KYC) checks to comply with regulations and tackle risk contagion throughout the holding chain (a chain of “custody” service providers). This is most pertinent to investor onboarding, where due diligence processes require collecting and validating a client’s information, which in turn generates numerous challenges for

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