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Release of Daml Connect 1.9.0

Daml Connect 1.9.0 has been released on January 21st. You can install it using: daml install 1.9.0 Want to know what’s happening in our developer community? Check out the latest update for this month. Note: This release fixes 2 bugs in the 1.9.0 RCs. One where the default contract id seeding mode in sandbox classic

Daml Developer Monthly – January 2021

What’s New The results of the third community recognition ceremony are in. Congratulations to Emil and Matt for winning and thank you both for your excellent contributions to our community. Daml’s default branch name is changing from master to main to have more inclusive naming. Read more about the steps and the reasoning behind it here. Happy 5 year anniversary to Hyperledger!  We’re proud

Community Update – December 2020

Our community recognition ceremony is open! Nominate who you think deserves to win!  What’s New in The Ecosystem @gyorgybalazsi shared what he, @Gyorgy_Farkas, Janice, and Dani learned from participating in Odyssey and grappling with new problems. From fishing quotas to licenses to matching reports with independent observers it’s thoroughly impressive how much was built in such a short time.

Release of Daml Connect 1.8.0

Daml Connect 1.8.0 has been released on December 16th. You can install it using: daml install 1.8.1 Note: Daml Connect 1.8.0 contained a bug that is now fixed and noted in the 1.8.1 release. Daml Connect 1.8.0 is no longer supported. Want to know what’s happening in our developer community? Check out the latest massive

Release of Daml SDK 1.7.0

Daml SDK 1.7.0 has been released on November 11th 2020. You can install it using: daml install latest If you’re using the Daml Triggers Early Access you’ll need to migrate to the new API. No other mandatory changes are required for this release but other impacts and migrations are detailed below. Interested in what’s happening

Community Update – November 2020

Update: 1.7.0 has been released and you can read the full release notes here. Block8 published part two AND part three of their Daml vs. Corda series. Part 2 covers ease of learning and documentation while Part 3 dives into functionality. A must-read series. Luciano wants to know the community’s thoughts on how to expand

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